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"Homeowners want community and neighborhood development, but don't want to be displaced if property taxes are high." 

Información está disponible en Español al lado derecho de esta página sobre el Fondo Anti-Desplazamiento.

The Anti-Displacement Fund 2023 grant application cycle is open NOW until December 29, 2023. Visit program administrator, Riverworks, to learn more about the process and apply. 


The fundamental strength of any neighborhood comes from the people who live there. 

MKE United has created the Anti-Displacement Fund to maintain that strength by supporting homeowners in target neighborhoods who are committed to their communities and wish to remain in their current homes. 

The Anti-Displacement Fund established by MKE United in 2019 to provide grants to help ensure that long-time, income eligible homeowners living in near downtown neighborhoods are not displaced due to increasing property taxes associated with rising property values and new development. 

In response to significant input about the urgency of this issue from neighborhood residents, MKE United partners have come together to launch the MKE United Anti-Displacement Fund to assist eligible homeowners. The Fund will be available to offset property tax increases for eligible homeowners in neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown Milwaukee (Halyard Park, Brewers Hill, Harambee, Walker's Point, and Clock Tower Acres) that have experienced significant property tax increases above city averages during the past five years and where long term homeowners may be at risk of displacement due to rising property taxes. This is one of multiple strategies being advanced by MKE United partners to address the issue of displacement in Milwaukee neighborhoods. Additionally, the Fund is a singular, aligned strategy with the City of Milwaukee’s Anti-Displacement Plan.

The Fund will operate for an initial five year pilot period and MKE United is committed to continued fundraising efforts with a goal of extending the program to have a 15-20 year lifespan.


​For more information on the MKE United Anti-Displacement Fund, including eligibility requirements and the program application or to speak with someone about applying, please contact the MKE United Anti-Displacement Fund Program Administrator, Riverworks Development Corporation at 414-882-7420.

Generous donations to the fund have by institutions, foundations, and individuals have made this effort possible, the largest of which include contributions by American Family Insurance, Bader Philanthropies, Dohmen Company Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Urban League, Kohl Philanthropies, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Bucks Foundation, and Rocket Community Fund.

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If you or your organization is interested in contributing financially to the MKE United Anti-Displacement Fund, you can submit an online donation here. This Fund is managed at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. We appreciate your support in this effort. 

The Anti-Displacement Fund is part of MKE United’s efforts to create a shared and inclusive vision for Downtown Milwaukee and its adjacent neighborhoods, including a focus on ensuring that existing residents benefit from development occurring downtown and are not displaced.  Funding for the Fund comes from a variety of generous private and philanthropic donors. Consistent with State of Wisconsin law, no public funds are being used to provide tax assistance payments available through the Fund. 

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